Who we are...

AXON PEST CONTROL COMPANY was founded in Chania.
A dynamic team of people conduct disinfection, disinfestation and rat control in Chania and
Our networked partners offer their services throughout Crete.
Exclusive partnership with 3M water filters in Chania.

Our vision…
A high standard of living and personalised communication between you and a healthy, dynamic business.

Our mission…
Urban environment free of harmful vermin.

Our principles…
Scientific knowledge
Cutting edge know-how
Human oriented and reliable services

Our perspectives…
Safety, reliability, efficiency and high standard
Reasonable prices
Content customers
Well-functioning operation and good organisation
Optimal working environment

We are accredited by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food with the special licensefor Disinfestation and Deratization.

We provide a legal certificate (bearing a license number) for disinfestation andderatization.
We implement a quality management system in compliance with EN ISO 9001:2008.
We plan and materialise programs for pest and rodent control and prevention.

In specific:
- Pest and rodent control in compliance with HACCP (ISO 22000) in food businesses.
- Disinfestation of wooden objects, furniture, books, icons.
- Disinfestation of premises.
- Space and commodity fumigation.
- Repelling pigeons.
- Repelling snakes.

We support the business as well as the individual.
We implement new ecological methods besides specialized techniques for pest and rodent control.

We respect the environment.
We service food businesses in accordance to the model of ISO 22000 (HACCP) and EFET, the Food Control Body in Greece, observing the relevant regulation.

We use a new method to conduct ecological disinfestation in mattresses in order to combat dust mites to preserve sleep hygiene.

See our leaflet on dust mites.

We apply special methods for disinfection and killing bacteria for control of viruses and mycobacteria.

With the help of our well-organised offices we coordinate the conduct of our applications on prescheduled visits.

Our agriculturist is an expert on pest control issues and our crew is comprised of specialised technical staff.

Our company ensures continued scientific and technical training for our executive employees.

Some of the services we provide

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What you can expect

  • Effectiveness
  • Protection
  • Celerity
  • Secretarial support

Our skills

Continuous training of staff in the latest pest management technologies




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